Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Happy New Year 2006!
Wishing you Health, Joy and Prosperity
We have added a new tool on the website. When you are previewing a loop or a full track, you can now "Send this track" to a friend, a partner or a client. Our visitors love this! Just imagine, you are listening to Paris Paris and it sounds like a perfect match for your current project. You immediately send it to your partner for validation with a personal message. Convenient, immediate, useful. Try it!

We're delighted to start this year with lots of new music added to our Royalty Free Music Library

Yanis Sousa
When the Saints go Marching In
Joshua fit the Battle of Jerico
High Society
Dark Eyes
Blue Blues
Black Butterfly
Wedding March

Denis Couture - 10 new tracks
All his music here

Styve Bloduc

Olive Musique
Rider on the Mountain

The Main Way
Lost in Nowhere
How to Stay Awake

Thank you for visiting and giving us feedback. We do listen and act on your suggestions.

Gilles Arbour & François Arbour
Royalty Free Music

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