Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Music and New sections

We keep expanding our Royalty Free Music library

We've added two new sections to our library: a soundtrack section designed to create a particular mood for movies or any other projects. See Royalty Free Soundtrack Music

The second section shows a selection of musical pieces that are considered well suited for music-on-hold. See Music-on-Hold

New Music:

Olive Musique (Serge Essiambre)

Wagon on the Go
Urban Behavior
The Spirit of Meditation
Concerto 21 Andante
Murder in Hollywood
Ave Maria
2 am on the Dance Floor

Styve Bloduc
Simple Think

Barbara Eagle

Yanis Sousa
Heat Wave

Thank you for visiting and giving us feedback.

Gilles Arbour & Fran├žois Arbour
Royalty Free Music

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