Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Music from National Fred


Genre(s):Corporate, Breakbeat / Trip Hop, Chill Out Description: Rhythmic repetitive groove with voices and guitar.

Genre(s):World / Ethnic, Reggae Description: Repetitive reggae style beat. Hypnotic and smooth

Groove Smile
Genre(s):Techno, Dance / Trance Description: BPM 138 House beat. With voices. Strong dance feeling.

2001 Trance Odysse
Genre(s):Dance / Trance Description: BPM 144 Long track with exotic influences. Starts slowly and gets you moving faster. Zappy dance feeling.

St-Fred des Prés
Genre(s):Dance / Trance, Latin Description: PBM 124 Spanish style house music. Joyous and celebratory.

Genre(s):Dance / Trance Description: BPM 130 Fun lively groove with voices. House beat.

Funky Junk
Genre(s):Urban / R&B, Breakbeat / Trip Hop Description: Funky R&B with voices. Trippy beat. Soft dance feeling.

Genre(s):Drum and Bass Description: Spacey dnb with guitar. With voices. Fast but very mellow.

Ambient 1
Genre(s):Ambient, Corporate, Chill Out Description: Very soft ambient music. Delicate and soothing.

Rush Time
Genre(s):Techno, Breakbeat / Trip Hop, Music for games Description: Fast and furious breakbeat track. Fun and vivacious.

Genre(s):Urban / R&B Description: BPM 130 Dance track with voices. Trippy and complex.

Trancy Jungle
Genre(s):Dance / Trance Description: Fast pace trance music. Trippy and visceral.

Genre(s):Urban / R&B, Chill Out Description: Short groove. Upbeat with a guitar solo. Energizing and refreshing.

Genre(s):Breakbeat / Trip Hop, Music for games, Soundtrack Description: Longer groove with soft drums. Dark ambience. Somber and austere, but not spooky.

Genre(s):Breakbeat / Trip Hop, Music for games Description: Short groove. Fast and furious. Rhythmic and reckless.

Little Love
Genre(s):Dance / Trance Description: Strange housy beat. With voices. Trippy and upbeat.

Genre(s):Urban / R&B, Music for games Description: BPM 130 Fast paced spacey groove. Solid beat. Stimulating.

Genre(s):Corporate, Blues / Rock Description: Short funky track. Light and summery.

Genre(s):Breakbeat / Trip Hop Description: BPM 140 Fast trippy groove. Energetic and rhythmic

Ambient 2
Genre(s):Ambient, Corporate, Chill Out Description: BPM 120 Short Soft and quiet ambient groove.

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